Welcome to Orfi Active

Orfi Active is an app for organising and finding sports and fitness events. And we think it’s long overdue.

If you’ve ever been involved in organising sport, you’ll know it isn’t easy.

From making a living as a yoga teacher to running your work five-a-side team, it’s the admin that makes your life more complicated.

On the flip side of the coin, you have your participants – people who are eager to discover new sports and fitness opportunities, but struggle to know what’s available in their area.

Searching on Google to find clubs, gyms and facilities, signing up to each one individually, membership schemes and log-in details coming out of your ears.

Orfi Active takes all of those issues, scrunches them into a ball and tosses them into the bin.

Sport – For Everyone

We’ve created an app that provides a platform for people to easily organise, manage and discover a variety of sports and fitness activities in the UK, while focussing on getting people healthy and active.  

It really is as simple as that – we’re just matchmakers between organisers of sport and potential participants.

The UK is at a crossroads. More people than ever are becoming obese and the NHS is struggling to deal with the connected health problems. Children have never been less active.

But people are looking to change.

Orfi Active aims to break down the barriers between everyday people and a healthy, active lifestyle.

That means educating people about the steps that can be taken to become active, encouraging our audience to build meaningful social connections through sport and highlighting the accessibility of the vast array of different fitness activities out there.

To facilitate this our app is completely free, and simple to use.

We want to make an impact on society, because we believe that getting active is important – for everyone.

How does the app work?

Upon opening the app, the first screen you’ll be presented with is the activities map. Icons represent sports and fitness activities that have been added to the app by other people in your area and around the country.

There is also a search function, allowing you to filter through sports, dates and locations, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Clicking on an icon will allow you to find out more information about an event, join through a single tap, pay through the app or get in touch with the organiser.

One sign-in process, one time entering your card details – any event in the UK at your fingertips.

For organisers you’ll be adding activities, either to appear on the map or as private activities if you want to use the apps structure for a closed group, such as a weekly football game between friends.

The benefits? Manage payments, access all your events in one central hub, and create recurring activities to put an end to annoying administration.

Plus for people looking to draw in new customers, your activities are open for discovery to an audience guaranteed to be sports fans and fitness enthusiasts.

What else do you need to know?

To some sharp readers this may all sound rather familiar.

Orfi Active is the descendent of a similar venture called Hoops Connect. We released to the market in 2017 with Hoops, but unfortunately we could never get the app to a position that we were happy with.

We’ve learnt our lessons, we’ve taken the time to consider every piece of feedback we received from our users, and that’s why we decided to start again.

In the past we made a lot of declarations about how impressive our app was, and a lot of promises about how we were going to change sports organisation in the UK.

Now we’re a little bit older, a little bit more mature and a lot more experienced.

Version One of Orfi Active released to the market on *. There will be issues with the technology – it’s inevitable.

But that’s why we need your help, to use your input to make the app as strong as possible.

If you’re interested, it would be great to hear your feedback. We’re serious about this being a social movement, and by definition that means we need to build a community

We’d love for you to join us.

Posted on

August 26, 2019


Andy Donley