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Who is Orfi Active for?

Participants & Players

Moved to a new area? Looking to get back to your favourite sports or fitness activity? Or maybe you want to discover something new you’ve never tried before?

Search, find and join activities in just a few taps.

We've got you.

Individual Organisers
& Fitness Instructors

We automate all your admin.

Keep track of attendance numbers, communicate through group chats, collect cashless payments and much more, all in one place.

Sports Teams & Clubs

We make it easier for people to discover and join your sessions.

Through widely accessible and clear session details, both in-app and on the web, seamless sharing and clear communications, new participants will have no doubt they chose the right club for them.

Governing Bodies

We can be your sports participation partner.

We'll increase your marketing reach, provide participation metrics and simplify your admin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Orfi Active free for both organisers and participants?
What are your in-app payment fees?
How secure is my data?
Do you have a desktop version of the app?
How do I invite people to my sessions?
Can I still edit a session after it has been created?