Staying active during the crisis

This is a very strange time.

The whole world seems to have stopped while people simply try to adapt their lifestyles in this uncertain climate. 

But I’d like to bring a different perspective to this, to say thank you. 

An Active Community 

This crisis allows us to stop and appreciate the luxurious things that we usually take for granted, such as food, entertainment, friends, health and in the end: freedom.

It allows us to remember what is truly important in our lives...not emails, not social media posts, not flashy cars, but instead nature, family, community, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle. 

In the past few weeks we’ve seen so many people support each other as a collective.

A whole range of online sports and fitness classes have tried to help others get through this, and our community of organisers and ambassadors are no different.

We’ve seen our friends at Open Minded Fitness doing live online yoga sessions every morning, Skoti Pepper teaching movement exercises at home, our netball ambassador Laura Malcolm doing live HIIT sessions every Monday and many others promoting the exercise benefits of an active lifestyle. 

Now, Orfi Active is a free fitness app all about getting people together, discovering new activities to get active and healthy, and organise sport sessions.

Even though the platform is affected by the current situation, we understand that this is temporary, which simply gives us a chance to get the app in a better place.

So don’t worry, when the nation's sports activities and fitness classes are able to start again, we’ll have a huge range of new sessions for you to choose from and join.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle

But that’s not all.

We’re about building communities, sharing ideas, inspiring, educating and supporting each other in a variety of different ways to stay active and get healthy.

We have a number of platforms, such as our Facebook group and Slack channel, that we’d encourage anyone to join.

These channels are great for organising meetups, hearing from speakers with amazing insights and stories, or even sharing your own stories.

Now, we understand that as well as sports participation, organising meetups is currently out of the question, so we are instead debating whether it would be worth creating a virtual event instead.

But this is where we need your input. 

We would still have speakers, Q&A sessions and the chance to share how we’re dealing with all this, but from the comfort of our homes.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and if we get enough positive feedback, we’ll make sure it happens.

We are super grateful for all your support, and hope you continue to stay active and healthy. 

Posted on

March 25, 2020


Jonas Urbonas