Inspirational people in sport

If you’ve played sports, you know an Orfi hero. 

A role model whose actions you can aspire to achieve later in life. 

Whether they are a youth coach who helped develop your early love for sport or an individual whose participation in fitness defied their physical impairments.

Our search for sporting heroes 

Here at Orfi Active, we are dedicated to increasing the number of people participating in sports and fitness.

Our aim is to make sporting activities more accessible for everyone across the country.  

However, we are also committed to finding people whose dedication to sports has not only affected their own lives, but also benefited and inspired those around them.

That is why we are looking for our Orfi Heroes. 

But who is an Orfi Hero? 

While running our first app, Hoops Connect, we highlighted individuals whose commitment to sports went above and beyond. 

The aim was to find the stories of inspiring people and project them to our audience. 

Take Eric Douglin for example, one of our past heroes who battled back from kidney disease to independently set up the World Club Basketball Tournament. 

Or Chris Arthey, who refused to let losing his left leg in a motorcycle accident impact his love for running and the outdoors by competing in two marathons and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. 

Both Chris and Eric show that sports offer the perfect opportunity to express dedication, passion and resilience against possible setbacks in life.

This is a message that we at Orfi Active wish to express and continue through our Heroes stories.

Where did the idea come from?

For our founder, Jonas Urbonas, Orfi Heroes is a project particularly close to his heart. 

"We all need heroes growing up, someone to look up to," said Jonas.

"It could be your dad or mother, your coach, teacher… anyone.

"They’re usually not doing it for attention or fame, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be recognised.

"I met my sporting hero when I was 10. I was trying to teach myself to shoot a basketball – it was hard.

"But then someone came to help me. His name was Tadas, he was 16. He became my mentor and taught me all the fundamentals of basketball. He helped grow my love for the game.

"Indirectly, he's part of the reason I started Orfi Active.

"Little did I know, he soon became a starting player in Lithuania's top league – he never mentioned it. For me, he was a true sports hero.

"That's why we started Orfi Heroes – to give recognition to people like Tadas."

So what can you do?

We know that so many people out there are deserving recognition, and we want to find them.

Do you know anybody? Get in touch. 

These people are regularly giving their all to make others happy - lets put them in the spotlight. 

It could be a teammate with an inspiring story or a volunteer who constantly helps out at your club. 

If you know of any potential Orfi Heroes that need recognition, then please get in contact and let us know.

Posted on

January 14, 2020


Jack Gerrard