Orfi Features

Our app isn’t complex, but a little guidance never hurt anybody!

Explore activities
near you

This is the hub of Orfi Active, and the place where you can discover and search a variety of different activities in your area.

Here you will find Orfi Discovered and Orfi Hosted sessions, the difference being that Orfi Hosted are created and added by organisers registered and approved by Orfi, allowing more flexibility and functionality in the app.

  • Clear session previews

  • Quick activity filters

  • In-depth search functionality

All your sessions
in one place

From this screen you can access all of the sessions that you’ve signed up to attend and and groups that you've created yourself.

Every group is split into sessions, allowing organisers and participants to manage and monitor recurring sessions quickly and efficiently.

Organise with ease

Organising recurring sessions has never been so easy and straight forward. Fill in all the necessary details, publish and you're all set.

Let others know about your session's:

  • Activity type

  • Location

  • Attendance details

  • Payment information

  • Dates and times

  • ... and much more

Have full control
of your sessions

One of the major reasons we designed Orfi Active was to cut out unnecessary admin.

Recurring sessions, in-app payments, waiting lists, group chats, push notifications are just a few of the features that will help you save time and effort when running your sessions and focus on what truly matters: having fun and getting active.

Stay in the loop

Our group chats feature allows you to answer
any potential questions participants might have, ensuring there’s no confusion before your next session.

  • Ask questions about a session

  • Chat with your teammates

  • Forward pictures and videos

  • Send documents

Be part of an
active community

Browse updates, news and features from the Orfi Active website – and keep your eyes out as we continue to develop this feature in the future!

  • Orfi updates and announcements

  • Interviews from inspirational figures in sports, health and fitness

  • Features with fitness tips and advice

  • Blogs, podcasts and video

Spread the word

Our session details are designed in a way that communicates all the needed information to participants in a clear and concise way.

Simply share these session details with friends, family or anyone else that might suitable to attend your sessions.

You can share through:

  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Text message (SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.)

  • Email