How it works?

Our app isn’t complex, but a little guidance never hurt anybody!

The home screen

This is the hub of Orfi Active, and the place where you can see and search events and activities in your area.

You can also navigate to:

  • Your events

  • The news and updates feed

  • Your profile and preferences

My events

From this screen you can access all of the events that you’ve signed up to attend and that you’ve created yourself.

Every event is split into sessions, allowing organisers and participants to manage and monitor recurring events quickly and efficiently.

Creating events

First access your events page on the home screen, and click the pink plus dot in the bottom right. Then it’s just a quick three screen process, setting:

  • Event type

  • Location

  • Attendance details

  • Payment methods

Recurring sessions

One of the major reasons we designed Orfi Active was to cut out unnecessary admin – so we’d be missing the point if you had to create your events and sessions one, two or three times a week.

That’s why we have our recurring feature. Simply choose dates from the calendar for when your sessions will be live.

Inviting participants

Every session is given a unique link for you to share on social media and for you to use to invite friends, family and participants to your events. You can share on:

  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Text message (SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.)

  • Email

News feed

Browse updates, news and features from the Orfi Active website – and keep your eyes out as we continue to develop this feature in the future!

  • Orfi updates and announcements

  • Interviews from inspirational figures in sports and fitness

  • Features with fitness tips and advice

  • Blogs, vlogs and video