Sales Representative job

Company overview
At Orfi Active we’ve identified a problem, and we’ve solved it. We’ve created a platform for people to easily organise, manage and discover a variety of sports and fitness activities in the UK. 

It really is as simple as that – we’re just matchmakers between organisers of sport and potential participants.

We firmly believe that the best way to get people engaged in sports and fitness activities is to remove the barriers they face to do so. And in 2021, that means providing them with a simple, free-to-use digital platform.

The Orfi Active app does just that, combining an intuitive, admin-cutting tool for creating and managing sports and fitness session, and a clear, recognisable map and search system for participants to find and join activities near them.

We've launched the app in early 2020, and are aiming to build a strong and vibrant network of collaborators and an engaged audience. 

The role
We are a small team that has worked on the platform for a while now and it is time to increase our userbase. This is where you come in. We are looking for someone to recruit sports organisers, teams and clubs onto the platform to help us grow our offering.

The successful candidate will be: 
- Interested in sport and technology
- Attentive to detail
- Competitive
- Innovative
- Persistent
- Well-versed
- Confident

This is a brand new position and you would the first salesperson of the company, so would responsible not only for generating sales, but also putting together the sales process, reporting findings and be innovative in how sales are being done.

What we offer

- Base salary + commission per sale (incl. future equity allocation considerations)
- The opportunity to get real hands-on experience and see immediate impact
- The chance to establish a role in a young company with ambitious future plans
- City centre office location
- Flexi-time

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