Why is Orfi Active needed?

“There are too many barriers” to booking sports and fitness sessions.

They aren’t our words – they’re the conclusion of Tim Hollingsworth, chief executive of Sport England, based upon extensive surveying of adults in England, and leading calls for a “digital revolution”.

"Not being able to easily plan and book online potentially puts many people off doing more physical activity.”

Although these sentiments could be taken straight from the Orfi Active playbook, they were actually spoken by Mims Davies, Minister for Sport and Civil Society, who provided governmental approval to the Sport England review.

With Orfi Active or in our previous incarnation Hoops Connect we have long campaigned for a system that makes the booking of sports and fitness sessions as consumer-friendly as booking a taxi or ordering a takeaway.

Only then will we be able to effectively challenge the problems the country faces with obesity and inactive lifestyles.

As of April 2019, important players in the industry seem to be on the same page. And their research suggests that the public is awaiting innovation.

We believe that our launch of Orfi Active is the answer the nation has demanded.

“A real tipping point moment”

The Sport England research shows that, with 1815 people surveyed, holidays, taxis, concert tickets and takeaways are all seen as easier to book online than sports sessions.

Highlighting the consequences of those findings, Cancer Research UK announced in July that obesity now causes more cases of four common cancers in the UK than smoking – with millions at risk.

And while smoking numbers are decreasing, obesity rates are on the rise.

Lifestyle choices are a massive factor in that increase, and without easy access to sports and fitness activities that isn’t going to change.

“This is a real tipping point moment,” said Hollingsworth.

“Our survey shows that at the moment there are too many barriers to entry

“So, this is about giving the public the choice to find sport and physical activity in a way that meets the expectations they have in all other aspects of their lives.”

Why Orfi Active is the answer

“Giving the public the choice to find sport and physical activity in a way that meets the expectations they have in all other aspects of their lives.”

This has been our mission statement ever since we conceptualised Orfi Active.

Our app shows users all of the sports and fitness events in the country on a recognisable, easy to navigate map – following the example of tech giants such as Uber and AirBnB.

From there they can find out details, reserve places, communicate with organisers and pay for the event. All in one place.

As well as that, we take the admin out of organising sport, incentivising more people to put on events and sessions, widening choice for potential participants.

There are two things which separate us from other attempted solutions on the market: the quality of our platform, which we believe to be the first to attempt to combine the organisation and participation of sports and fitness events; and our commitment to being a force for good, an ethos that instructs the direction of our business at all times.

We want to build a network of influence, with our Orfi Active platform at its centre.

By reaching as many people as possible and maintaining an invaluable, free service, we hope to help future generations to live happy, healthy lives.

Breaking down barriers. Helping people to find sport. Seizing the initiative at a tipping point moment.

The realisation is growing that an answer is needed to tackle the lifestyle problem the UK faces. We believe Orfi Active provides it.

Posted on

February 4, 2020


Andy Donley