After an extremely tough year, the need to get out and active has never been higher. At Orfi Active, we’re here to make it easier to discover, organise and manage your sports and fitness sessions. 

Orfi Active: Revolutionising sports and fitness in 2021

According to Sport England, physical activity throughout lockdown has taken a sharp decline.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given a year of disrupted sports and fitness sessions, combined with a never ending cycle of national lockdowns. 

Clearly, the weekly routine of walks, runs and bike rides are starting to grow tiresome throughout the nation. 

But as we move out of lockdown for the final time (please let this be the final time!), we’re committed to getting activity levels back on track.

That’s because in 2021, Orfi Active is going to make sports and fitness participation a whole lot easier!

Here’s how we’re going to do it.

The backstory of Orfi Active 

To best explain the importance of Orfi Active, it’s worth highlighting how the idea for the app came about. 

Back in 2014, our founder, Jonas Urbonas, moved to London for his last year of University. 

Born in Lithuania, basketball was a staple of physical activity for Jonas, but in England he struggled to find fellow players or communities. 

And that’s where Orfi Active was born! 

The idea was to create an app which made it much easier to find your favourite sports, or discover new activities that you’ve never tried before. 

Eliminating the need for Facebook groups, Google searches and Whatsapp chats, Orfi Active provides you with a one stop shop to find and organise sports and fitness sessions. 

How it works 

To put it simply, the app works by connecting sports and fitness organisers with participants. 

If you’re an organiser, the app gives you an easy place to create, manage and promote your sessions to a wider audience.

As for participants, whether you’re a seasoned athlete or complete newbie, easily discover sessions that are perfect for you and join in just a few taps. 

In the last few years, apps have made it much easier to book a taxi or order a takeaway, so why can’t the same happen with physical fitness?

And after such a tough year, the need for an app like this has never been greater. 

A tough year for sports and fitness 

Cancelled sports and fitness sessions have plagued the last twelve months, meaning it’s been a whole year away from your favourite sports.

But as restrictions come to an end, we want to make it as easy as possible to not only get back to your favourite sports, but also give newcomers the chance to try something new.

Whether it's getting back to your football or netball team, or discovering new sports like korfball, kabaddi, or even lightsaber fencing, there’s so much out there to discover.

And despite this tough year, we’ve already started helping sports and fitness groups with their sessions, so let's take a closer look.

Brookfield Hockey Club

“It makes things a lot easier for our head coach, and lets our players see who's available each week.”

Brookfield Hockey Club have been using Orfi Active in their first year of men's hockey. 

After becoming the clubs main sponsor, they’ve been organising training sessions and recruiting new players easily through the app.

As a new club, Brookfield HC needed a place to onboard new players, manage sessions and update current players with key information. 

For many clubs, this would involve setting up Facebook groups, Whatsapp chats and Paypal accounts…

But with Orfi Active, all this can be done from one place!

Play Simple Netball 

“The app saves me a lot of time when it comes to the management of sessions. Being able to collect payments online in advance of the sessions means I can fully concentrate on games and coaching.”

Play Simple Netball are a netball league catered for all ages and abilities.

We’ve worked closely with their Manchester based league to make sessions organisation much easier. 

By using the app, payments are taken prior to the start of each session, giving league organisers more time to focus on the players and the sessions.

But this is just the start, with more and more organisers joining the app, ready to promote their sessions to people looking to get active in 2021.  

So lets get started

Now is the time to finally get active again! 

If you’re a sports or fitness organiser wanting to bring your sessions back easily, don’t hesitate to download the app through the App Store or Google Play and get your sessions on the app.

And as for participants, with new sessions being added to the app every day, it’s over to you to find the sport you love, or the fitness session you’ve never tried before. 

Because in 2021, active is for everyone.

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March 29, 2021


Jack Gerrard