Orfi Active in 2021: All Your Questions Answered

What is Orfi Active?

Orfi Active is an app designed for organising and finding sports and fitness activities.

We’ve created a platform for people to easily organise, manage and discover a variety of sports and fitness activities in the UK.  

It really is as simple as that – we’re just matchmakers between organisers of sport and potential participants.

Making sport simple

First of all, Orfi Active is completely free to download and use. Search Orfi Active in Apple Store or Google Play to get started.

Once you have the app and you’ve set up your profile, you’ll be presented with the Orfi Active home screen – a map showing events and sessions near you.

From there you can search for sessions that interest you, filter out specific sports or activities, or just browse the map to see what’s going on around the country.

If you want to create your own events, toggle through to the events screen using the icon below the map, and then press create event.

Follow the simple process setting out what your session entails and how people can join, and then you’re away. Your event will appear on the map and be open to the public, or you can make it private and share it with friends.

Organising fitness

If you’ve ever been involved in organising sport, you’ll know it isn’t easy.

From making a living as a yoga teacher to running your work five-a-side team, it’s the admin that makes your life more complicated.

On the flip side of the coin, you have your participants – people who are eager to discover new sports and fitness opportunities, but struggle to know what’s available in their area.

Searching on Google to find clubs, gyms and facilities, signing up to each one individually, membership schemes and log-in details coming out of your ears.

Orfi Active takes all of those issues, scrunches them into a ball and tosses them into the bin.

The limitations of UK sport

When our founder, Jonas Urbonas, moved to London to study at university, he was faced with a problem.

He wanted to play basketball. But he knew nobody in the city.

As simple as that, Orfi Active was born.

The app may be new, but we’ve been working in the sports and fitness sector for nearly three years now.

We understand the difficulties sports organisers face; overcoming tiresome admin, chasing up money, dealing with dropouts and no shows.

We understand the challenges people face taking up new hobbies or finding new sessions after moving to different areas of the country.

We understand these issues because we’ve been there ourselves. Orfi Active is the solution.

Our previous work

Only if you have a sharp eye and strong memory!

In 2017 we brought our app to the market under the name Hoops Connect. We had a good run and valued, engaged users.

But Hoops never worked like we wanted it too – it wasn’t good enough. So we learnt our lessons and started from scratch.

It’s been a long journey to bring our product back to the public. But we’re so much more confident that Orfi Active is robust enough to stand up to our ambitions.

Orfi Active is new, but it’s the result of three years of testing, turmoil and tears. It’s ready.

The future of UK sports and fitness

The UK is at a crossroads. More people than ever are becoming obese and the NHS is struggling to deal with the connected health problems. Children have never been less active.

Added to that the impact of Covid-19 on many peoples health and wellbeing, people are looking to change.

Orfi Active aims to break down the barriers between everyday people and a healthy, active lifestyle.

That means educating people about the steps that can be taken to become active, encouraging our audience to build meaningful social connections through sport and highlighting the accessibility of the vast array of different fitness activities out there.

Our first priority is, of course, persuading people to use our app.

But beyond that we want to grow into a force for change, to help to build a healthier, happier society.

The Future of Orfi Active

So what about our future?

Our main ambition is to get as many sports and fitness organisers on board with our mission.

Not matter what the club, team or group, we want to create a platform where anyone can come and find anyway to get active.

Added to that the upcoming features on the app, and it's a very exciting time for Orfi Active.

So what are you waiting for, if you want to get on board with the app, make sure to get in contact.

We've got you.

Posted on

August 23, 2021


Jonas Urbonas