Fitness Motivation : Siobhion Spooner - Mental Health and Fitness

This blog comes from our friends over at The Sporting Blog. Their blog series “I’ll start tomorrow” continues with Siobhion Spooner, whose fitness journey was motivated by a desire to improve her overall mental health, and overcome obstacles that were affecting her day to day life.

In terms of your personal motivation, did you have a particular moment or time in your life when you decided that you wanted to pursue a healthier lifestyle?

So I got into training for mental health reasons, I had quite bad social anxiety and became reclusive and needed to push myself out of my comfort zone to enable me to progress in life. So actually stepping in to a gym was a huge achievement for me!

Do you find that motivation still comes and goes? If so, how do you get back on track?

Of course I still get days where my anxiety creeps in and finding motivation on those days is difficult but I follow a lot of positive, inspirational people on my fitness Instagram account. Spending some time in the morning scrolling through these incredible people some of which have similar mental health problems really does push me to get back in the gym or if it's a really bad day even just doing a home workout.

Are you someone that needs goals or targets to measure yourself by? Or is that something that can end up manifesting itself in a negative way?

I'm not the kind of person that needs targets or goals as like I said I train for the mental health benefits and that feel good feeling you get and accomplishment after a workout. Although saying that, having a goal in mind or targets really does help spur you on to be the best you can be. So what ever works best for you.

Have you had moments where the length of the process has put you off or seemed too daunting?

There is no "length in the process" when it comes to training for the mental health benefits as every day can be a battle, but each day you see yourself progressing is an incredible feeling. To me there is no length in the process because there is no "end" just bettering yourself each and every day.

We are trying to get people to start doing something TODAY, and your words may just help them do that. What would be an experience from your own training that you think people could learn from?

So as they say it takes 66 days on average to form a habit. So why not start TODAY.. Why wait until Monday?

Even the smallest changes can help you start finding positive inspirational "fitness" people to follow on social media to give you that boost and inspire you, check out some workouts at home or better still find someone you can rely on to go to the gym together and motivate each other.

Clean up your eating habits. Like I said tiny habits bit by bit really can form a long lasting habit/hobby that does the world of good for your mental health as well as your physical health and when you start feeling the difference you'll get hooked.

Finally, Isolation tips?

So my isolation top tips are;

- Get dressed as soon as you get up.

- Write yourself a list to accomplish by the end of the day and tick off as you go.

- Try and eat as healthy as you can.

- Find some inspirational health and fitness people to follow on social media & explore home workouts on the internet. You'll be amazed how much different stuff there is out there to help you get on track..

- If you've got children like I do, get them involved they will keep you motivated I assure you!

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May 27, 2020