Welcome to Active in Lockdown, a short series in which we aim to keep you updated on the sports and fitness events you can and cannot attend, inline with the governments updates. Our first post addresses the changes made by the government on the 1st of June.

Active in Lockdown: The do's and don'ts

After two months of lockdown, countless indoor workouts and a handful of hourly outdoor activities, the government has this week announced changes to our daily exercise allowance. 

But what exactly do these new changes mean?

Well, we want to give you the full guide into the can and cannots of sports and fitness participation. 

So, if you're unsure as to which sports and fitness sessions you can take part in, check out our list below!

You can... play Tennis

That's right, while Wimbledon may have been cancelled this summer, you can still step out onto centre court (or your local tennis club) and spend a few hours perfecting your serve & volley. 

That’s because many outdoor sports centres have reopened, meaning you can spend more time keeping fit in specific locations across the country. 

And it's not just tennis either, with golf clubs, basketball courts and playing fields all open to the public to get your fitness fix. 

Of course you still have to remember the social distancing rules, especially with someone from a different household, but these new changes mean that a wider range of sports activities are now available to try.

You can't... go to the Gym

One place which remains closed however are the gyms and fitness centres across the country. 

According to the Guardian, over 10 million gym memberships have been frozen during the lockdown, and these people are going to have to wait a little bit longer to get back pumping iron. 

Fortunately, many fitness instructors are hosting online workouts on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Our app, Orfi Active, showcases a range of online workouts that can be accessed in just a few taps.

We’ve got you covered!


You can... exercise in small groups

One of the key changes to the new lockdown rules highlights that groups up to six people can now meet outside the household.

In other words, as long as you are still keeping a two-metre distance, you can now take part in sporting activities with up to five people. 

If you want to kick round a football with some mates, play some cricket or even try out a new sport such as ultimate frisbee, Ludosports or Korfball, head to your local park with up to five friends and have some much needed fun.

You can't... play contact sports

However, we must be clear that contact sports are still not allowed. 

While you can pass around a football in a park, this doesn't mean you can start a full game of tackles, contested headers and crowded penalty areas. 

The same goes for sports like Rugby, Hockey, Netball and Basketball, you still need to keep your distance from those not in your household.

For now, it’s best to stick to non-contact forms of the sports. 

You can... get unlimited exercise

For the past few months, exercise has been limited to one hour per day. 

But now, the possibilities are endless!

And while for a lot of people unlimited exercise might seem a bit extreme, it’s worth pointing out how much more you can actually do.

A morning walk for example, followed by a lunchtime bike ride and an evening activity in the park will not only end the boredom of the past two months, but also give you a much healthier lifestyle.

With the rules easing and the sun shining, now is the best time to get out and active.

So there you have it, what we hope is a simple and effective guide to sports and fitness participation, inline with the new lockdown measures. 

Make sure to download the Orfi Active app through the App Store or Google Play to find a range of sessions near you. 

After all, active is for everyone!

Posted on

June 5, 2020


Jack Gerrard