Our story

I truly believe Orfi Active can have a massive impact in the battle
to get more people more active, more often.

Jonas Urbonas

Founder of Orfi Active
Jonas Urbonas
our sotry

Orfi Active began as a solution to a problem. If you move to a new area, how do you find sports teams and fitness activities? How do you discover new sports you’ve never tried before? And if you want to organise these events yourself, how do you draw in participants?

These were the questions faced by Orfi founder Jonas Urbonas when he moved to London in 2011. And over the last seven years, those experiences have inspired him to create Orfi Active, an app that provides the answers.

The app can be used either to organise or participate. As an organiser you create sports and fitness events, manage payments, and ensure drop-outs don’t affect the quality of your sessions through waiting lists and group chats. Plus recurring events cut down on admin, leaving you free to enjoy your sessions. As a participant you can see what is happening near you and around the country and book your place quickly and simply.

Our ethos

As our journey has progressed, we’ve become more than just a sports organisation app. We live in challenging times – times in which less of us are active than ever before, in which obesity rates are soaring and the NHS is struggling to cope.

It’s time for people to stand up. Not only does our app give people a tool to find exercise options instantly, we’re going to be doing everything we can to educate people on the benefits of an active lifestyle and healthy diet. That will mean blogs, interviews, advice, guides and anything else we think can help.

Sport and fitness activities shouldn’t just be seen as a way of losing weight. They’re a way of spending time with friends. Having fun. Creating memories.

Active is for everyone.