What is Orfi Active?

Orfi Active is the solution to a common problem. You want to try out a new sport or fitness activity. But how do you find it? Or maybe you want to organise sessions or teams of your own. But the admin is too much hassle. And you don’t know enough people to make it worthwhile anyway.

Discover. Organise. Participate.

Main features

Visual map search

Get an instant impression of what’s happening near you, search for specific sports or dig a little deeper to find exactly what you fancy.

In-app payments

Enter your card details once and once only. Book onto any event, then all you need is to turn up and have fun.


Never miss a trick – we’ll let you know when you have an event coming up or if something needs your attention.

News feed

Find out what’s happening with Orfi Active and the world of sports, fitness and health with news, interviews and exclusive content.