Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For a full tutorial on how to use the app, please visit our How it Works tutorial page.

Orfi Active is completely free to download, browse and to use as a participant and an organiser. The only charge on the app is courtesy of our payment system hosts Stripe, who take 1.4% plus 20p from organisers for in-app card transactions only.

No, both functions are accessed through the home screen of your account. Check out our tutorials for more tips on how to use the app.

You can by all means set up an Orfi Active account to create events for your team or club – but the account will be operationally the same as it would be for an individual, just with a different name. Currently, we do not have team-specific features. But the app would easily facilitate a team or club account for organisational purposes with members signing up and using it as participants.

Currently the app only allows the account holder to sign up for one place on an event, class or session. However, the internal messaging system allows you to contact organisers directly, who may be able to facilitate your request privately.

Unfortunately this isn’t something we can facilitate at the moment.

We take every measure to protect your data and use all the necessary safety procedures.

To find out more please visit our Privacy Policy page here.

We use Stripe as our payment partner.

Stripe is used by thousands of companies, large and small. It is PSD2 compliant and certified to PCI
level 1 – the most stringent level of financial certification.

In other words, your payments are safe with us.

It’s not currently possible for you to process refunds through the app – but this is something we’re working on introducing. In the meantime, if a refund is needed just contact us at support@orfiactive.com and we can sort that out immediately.


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